Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Now I really like Bumkins but the thing is the ones I have, they are the OLD version so I would really LOVE to try the NEW version. Plus it has bamboo diaps in this giveaway. (giggles in delight) We all know that I love bamboo!!!
Ok the truth behind my love...... It involves the hubby... When I received my used stash of diapers I was quite scared of the Bumkins. They were big and bulky. The velcro tabs were huge and the AIO theroy was there, I guess, to say the least. I put them in the bottom drawer with the other creepy incase of emergency only use diapers. Then I left DH alone with no instructions. It was nap time he had a fresh diaper on no problems right??? HA HA! Well the pretty HH that I had on him and thought I would love leaked with his first pee (SUPER SOAKER). Hubster then was confused by what gets stuffed, what needs a cover, hang on..what is a cover (scratch head)..... For the record: Everything was stuffed and covers were with the soakers so I THOUGHT I left it fool proof. HAHA!! I came home to the dreaded no-no diaper proudly being displayed on his little hiney. My first question was what happened? I got the he was soaked!! Blanket, shirt, bedding everything. Okay thats fine this is our first experience with cloth we will learn but why didn't you use one of the ones in the top drawer? That is when I got the whole stuffed, cover line. I said well they are all ready to go and together. He then said plus these are easy no "buttons" no stuffing its really just like a regular diaper. Now granted all diapers are like regular diapers but these he really seems to fancy, and I get the hey you need to wash the diapers we're out of my diapers line quite frequently. This is great I was worried about him and the willingness to participate in my adventure. So as long as he has a Bumkins in the pile hes okay with cloth.

I really would like more of these diapers so I am entering the wayy cool giveaway brought to us by Cloth Diaper Blog. I wish I could get someone to let me review and have a giveawy about this diaper because then it would be a review from a DAD EEK. hmmm.

So what to do??? You want a chance to try them also? Go here http://www.clothdiaperblog.com/feed-your-stash-friday-bumkins-sample-kit/

Hurry ends friday June 5th


FEED YOUR STASH FRIDAY Bumkins New Product Sampler!

This week’s giveaway is for One (1) Bumkins New Products Sample Kit.

What comes in the Bumkins New Products Sample Kit?

The Bumkins New Products Sample Kit are all the recent Bumkins products hitting the market. In the kit you’ll find:

  • Two (2) Microfiber Insert 3 Packs (small and large)
  • One (1) Disposable Diaper Liner Pack
  • Three (3) Cotton Contour Diapers
  • Three (3) Bamboo Contour Diapers
  • One (1) Waterproof Quickee Bag
  • One (1) Waterproof Mini Bag

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