Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tiny Bubbles Laundry Detergent

So you know I use cloth diapers. I was thrown into the world of cloth when I found out #3 was on the way. I was tired of throwing away diapers from my older 2. I was becoming environmentally friendly at the time, just started recycling. Using microfiber cloths instead of paper towel, natural cleaners... You get the drift. We also were at a point where the money is tight what a better way to save then to use cloth. I didn't know where to start I was (still am actually) new to the land of cloth so I asked a dear friend what I should do as she was the only person I knew that used cloth. She instantly brought me over some of her OLD stash (We really need new diapers Little Man deserves some new diapers). I went and researched cloth diaper washing directions as she didn't tell me much but to use a "free" detergent. I bought All free and Clear. Now I am not going to talk bad about it, but I do not believe it was the wisest choice for cloth, but it was cheap. I washed my new found diapers and used them on my daughter who was still in diapers at the time. (She still is but we are PTing :)) I figured I could get my feet wet with her and see what it was like what is needed. I fell in love with the whole concept and ease of cloth. DH was hesitant and frustrated by the leaks. He was confused by stuffing and covers and all that good stuff. (He is a AIO man).... SO I tried to figure out the leaks I figured we had a learning curve this is new we need to figure out if we are not stuffing enough or stuffing with the wrong thing?? Then I found a wonderful thing called STRIPPING your diapers. Well this was worth a try. I had talked to a few folks about my leaks and the agreed upon problem was, "Its your detergent" SO I still have this bottle of ALL and I use it and I strip like every other wash. You would about die if you saw how much soap is left in my diapers. I need something better I NEED something made for CLOTH DIAPERS.
There are so many choices. Where to start??? I still have no clue. This is probably why I haven't bought any of the soaps that diaper sites sell online.
I have recently been introduced to Tiny Bubbles Laundry Detergent. It is a new detergent made by the Natural Baby Comp. It sounds great to me. Its made for sensitive skin!! We have some major eczema around here so I would hope this would keep any irritation away. It is also Phosphate-Free AND its made for use in HE washers. Look it only has 5 yes FIVE ingredients!!! Ingredients
Sodium carbonate, Sodium sulfate, Sodium percarbonate, Sodium alkyl aryl sulfonate, Linear alcohol ethoxylate.
Its $12.95 for 60 loads in my front loader so it is reasonably priced. I have no idea about shipping but I really think I will buy some of this detergent. I really just need to take the plunge and buy some already. Anyone need half a bottle of ALL???

Here's the info from there site

Tiny Bubbles

The detergent of choice for cloth diapers and baby apparel.

  • Dye & Fragrance Free
  • Completely Biodegradable
  • Completely Phosphate-Free
  • No Optical Brighteners or Fillers
  • Gentle for Sensitive Skin
  • Low Residue Formula
  • Ultra-Concentrated
  • Low Cost-Per-Wash
  • Recyclable

Safe to use with Gro Baby™ and all other cloth diapers brands. Not tested on animals. No animal by products. ($0.22 per Load)

Phosphate Free - Phosphate detergents are a major cause of pollution in our lakes and streams. Even biodegradable phosphate detergents are harmful to water life. Tiny Bubbles contains no phosphates and is completely biodegradable.

60 Loads - Front Load Washer
Net Wt. 60 Oz. (3.75lbs)

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