Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Giveaway :)

I found this really cool giveaway at: . I really recommend dropping by her blog and looking at all the great info. While your there look for this giveaway. TALK ABOUT AWESOME

I know I'm not the only mom out there who cloth diapers their baby but can't seem to find a decent nighttime diaper that you don't have to change through the night. I was resigned to the fact that I would never find something suitable for my heavy wetter but I did! Mommies, let me introduce you to LooRoos!

LooRoos is owned by Janice, who knows more than a thing or two about cloth diapers AND design. Janice is a design school graduate and she combined experience with cloth diapering her own children, with her education and with the desire to give parents a healthy and quality cloth diaper and LooRoos was born.
Together with her partner, an all-in-one, fitted diaper has been developed, a long way from the original diapers Janice made for her children. The LooRoos {AIO} All in One diaper consists of several layers. Starting with 100% cotton flannel, next to baby’s bottom, 55% hemp – 45% cotton fleece layer, 55% hemp – 45% cotton terry soakers, 100% Birdseye cotton, and finally a layer of water resistant PUL. These diapers are offered in both a snap and Velcro closure option. LooRoos also offers a 100% organic cotton diaper with both closure options. They recently introduced pocket diapers made with waterproof PUL and micro-fleece to keep baby dry. Each pocket diaper comes with one 55% hemp/ 45% cotton fleece insert for absorbency. You can also find 55% hemp- 45% cotton nursing pads, and travel bags.

For review, we tried the AIO and a pocket diaper. I've never been able to cloth diaper Aidan at nighttime because to me it wasn't worth him needing to be changed multiple times during the night just to avoid using disposables. Mama needs her sleep too! I was hesitant about trying a cloth diaper at night because I figured I'd be changing him after 3 hours and to me it wasn't worth him waking up from needing to be changed just to avoid using disposable. But surprise surprise the AIO worked! The diaper isn't even bulky! I couldn't believe it!

The pocket diapers are easy to use {the pocket is wide enough for hubby's hands so no excuses to not help stuff anymore!} and wash and dry easily. For being as absorbant as the AIO was, I didn't find it took any longer to dry than my other hemp diapers. The Velcro fasteners make these diapers a cinch to change on wiggly toddlers. However, if you prefer a snap closure you have the choice between snap or velcro.

LooRoos combines style, a fabulous price and a great selection for anyone shopping for cloth diapers! With over 30 cute prints and colors for you to choose from so you can build a fun stash for your little one.

You can't beat the price for LooRoos AIO diapers. They're only $19.95 and if you buy 6, you'll receive a discount of $10.75! Pocket diapers are $17.95 and INCLUDE a hemp/cotton fleece insert! And you always have the choice of snap or Velcro closure no matter the size.

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