Monday, April 27, 2009


I would like to start this by saying everything I have is used. I have nothing new, it was all given to me when we found out #3 was on the way and I said this is it. We have started recycling and going green around the house and I hate hate hate how many diapers I was just throwing away I was not going to do it anymore I was done. The trash amount has decreased so much with the recycling, if it was not for the disposables I could just take 1 bag out once a week but with the spoies I was tossing a bag out every night. My reusable grocery store bags I couldnt use them every time I went to the store I had to get some plastic bags for the daily diaper tossing. I could no longer do it. Such a waste, such a shame to the environment such a counteractive thing to be doing for everything I was now doing right.
I will say I love my bamboo fitteds. I have Bambineo. Aplix closure and an additional soaker pad on this diaper. I know they have pretty iffy reviews... BUT They hold tons of pee! With a super soaker that's a huge plus. Bamboo is soooo soft they really need to make all clothes out of this material. I really think nudist colonies would go bankrupt if everything was made from bamboo. I <3 bamboo (does it show). I have swaddlebees covers for them and well they leak at the leg bands over night :( I do not know if all covers do this or maybe the larges are just too big? Or the river of pee that flows from little miss Marie. I also have a wool cover (no clue what brand it is) but it must need something because I swear it was just a rag. Can we say big messy puddle of wet??? If this bamboo diaper gets such poor reviews I could only Imagine the types of back flips I would do if I had a bamboo diaper that was better than this.
If you have a bamboo diaper, or liner you would like me to try drop me a line, as I have a tester that might as well be called a faucet.
If I figure out how to do pics on here I will add a picture of my beloved Bambineo.

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