Tuesday, April 28, 2009


No its not a diaper. But as I am trying to review things I opened up a new one last night and thought hmmm. BLOG post LOL.
Schick Quattro will be todays discussion
Yesterday I shaved and my blade was well dead. So after I got out of the shower I realized I was out of refill blades for my Venus. I grabbed the Quattro out of the drawer and ripped the packaging open so I can toss it on the shower rack for today's shower. First thing I noticed was a HUGE design flaw. Apparently Schick is in the male market and never really thought before they ventured into the world of woman for this razor. It is metal!!! Metal for a razor that will mostly spend its life in a shower??? Metal and showers do not mix. Now I could be wrong in thinking that this will rust, lets hope so!!! It is 4 blades wrapped in wire. I never get the wire idea. I mean suppose to help me keep from cutting myself? Then how is the blade getting close enough to even shave me smooth? BTW it did not shave silky smooth I have stubble :o( Its a heavy razor, but that is ok, I don't mind the weight. Now the blade ya know the part that you throw away and replace...... Who designed that??? It had to be a computer because I dont see a man or woman being that dumb. It has more openings and nooks that store hair and you can not get them out!! There are openings above the blades at the top that you cant get clean the opposite side of the blades that attaches to the handle thats a nook filled mess. Under the bottom blade is a ridge that holds all the tiny hairs. I tried everything to get the hair out. Its a brand new blade, it has life left in it. But to no avail I could not get it out. It really creeps me out all that old hair in it that I just want to toss the blade, but doesnt that defeat the purpose of not being disposable? I might as well buy a package of disposables they are CHEAPER but worse on the environment. This razor gets 1 star.
If you have advice on cleaning that blade let me know. If you LOVE this razor let me know. If you know of a more earth friendly way to shave than having to toss blades PLEASE let me know.

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