Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Giveaway :)

This giveaway is for an applecheeks diaper from the Mom Buzz.... Here is the link
Now this looks like an interesting little diaper. I would really like to try it. The pocket opening is not in the back like most diapers its about a third from the top of the back. Interesting as I wonder how that feels to a little bottom. But you do not have to use this diaper as a pocket you can also use it as a cover and lay your inserts on top of the diaper. Really interesting. They also have bamboo and hemp inserts and boosters. Along with wipes and a large wet bag. Almost a all inclusive diaper system :) Also they have some really pretty BOLD colors. I Love bold.
Just as interested as I am????I think you should go enter!!! Giveaway ends June 2nd.

The Mom Buzz

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