Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Gene Image giveaway from momdot

I love artwork and science. So what could possibly be better than the two being combined into one thing??? momdot is having a giveaway for either a digital print, or a small rectangular plaque where your DNA and picture of your choice engraved into it.
I was thinking this sounds cool until I went to the My Gene Image website!!Can we say COOL. First you pick which design you would like and they offer a mosaic pattern, Gene world, and life universe. Then you pick a color for the background, the color choices vary based on what design you choose. Next you pick what DNA strand you want them to use. Choices include a hair gene, eye color, mood, taste gene, human pheromone, or circadian rhythm gene. They do give info for each gene so you know what exactly you are choosing. Then you pick your size. How cool and easy is that??? After you pick everything they send you a test kit that you use to get a sample from the cheek and you return it in a postage paid envelope.
So what are you waiting for go visit My Gene Image to see this first and dont forget to drop by momdot to enter.
MomDot:Where the Blogging Moms Go
Ends 5/31

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