Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Heinys Giveaway

Mommy Goggles is having a giveaway for 2 different Happy Heiny's diapers. What does this mean? Well....There will TWO winners! One winner will receive a turquoise One Size Cloth Diaper AND One winner will receive a hot pink One Size Cloth Diaper. How cool is that.
Now I was given a very OLD HH from my friend to try out when I said I wanted to try cloth. The first thing I noticed was how large the opening is for stuffing with an insert. Can we say HUGE?? I am still on the fence about that. Part of me loves it, it makes stuffing sooo easy and the other part hates it. I think my biggest dislike is I feel like the plastic layer touches skin and can cause sticky back. Like when you were a kid and you drove in your parents car that had vinyl seats and your shorts covered legs stuck to the vinyl. My other issue with the diaper is when I wash it the laundry tabs give out. BUT like I said this diaper is OLD. I REALLY want to try a new one to see if I get better results. Now if you own a HH and want to add you opinion please do. If you owned an old one and now a new one please let me know if they have changed.
I really hope to win this I want to give this diaper another try I want to love it. They have great patterns and colors. Snaps or Aplix. Go check out there site and enter to win this contest from Mommy Goggles. Contest ends June 15th
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