Friday, May 22, 2009

AppleCheeks are everywhere!!!!

Two Of A Kind Working On a Full House....... Has jumped on the AppleCheeks bandwagon. She is also having a giveaway for a diaper system!!! Apple Cheeks has a really nifty pocket system. The pocket is about 1/3 of the way down the back and stuffing seems just as easy as a back opening pocket. But wait!! If your not a fan of pockets, or your in a hurry and can't stuff you can lay your liner on top and use this diaper as a cover!!! How cool is that. So if DH or grandma doesn't have a clue, they really can't screw up with this diaper. This is a snap diaper it has two rows of snaps. Top row is for the waist and bottom row is for the legs. It comes in 2 sizes. Both sizes cover a pretty good threshold. Size 1 diapers fit from 7-20 pounds and size 2 fits from 18-40 pounds.

Still reading??? Go visit Two Of A Kind Working On a Full House to enter for a chance to win until June 8th OR if you can't wait to see if you won visit AppleCheeks and buy some for yourself.

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  1. just wanted to say THANK YOU for always tweeting and entering my giveaways. I used to enter contests hundreds (no lie) of times a day and then all of a sudden I started winning things. I hope you win an Apple Cheeks or another fun prize soon!